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Erasmus in the UK

October 1, 2015

Erasmus exchange experience- The United Kingdom

Hi! My name is Ana and I am a 20 years old Romanian in Denmark. I am currently doing a marketing internship in Aarhus, as part of my AP Degree program.

Ever since I was in high school the thought of leaving the country and studying somewhere else accrued to me, my first choice being the UK. Having to weight all the pros and cons to all the options, I decided the best solution was Denmark, although my thoughts were still going to an English speaking country.

I was never the person who would turn down an opportunity; I decided to apply for the Erasmus exchange and I got accepted in the UK, at Sheffield Hallam University.

During my time there, I had the possibility to observe the differences not only between Denmark and the UK, but Romania and the UK as well. The overall experience was great, filled with excitement and curiosity.

The study experience

The University was absolutely amazing! We had access to the best library in the North half of England, which gave us a big advantage in accomplishing the assigned tasks. The semester had 3 different subjects, which included 6 classes, both seminars and lectures. The lectures were hours dedicated to listening. The professor would have prepared presentations, which was not the most exciting thing. The seminars were 2 hours long, being concentrated in practicing the theory learned at the previously attended lectures.

The professors, both lecturers and seminar professors were highly interested in the students understanding the notions and getting to a higher level in the class.

The most part of the examination during the semester were group work, consisting in reports and presentations and by the end of the year we had one written exam and 3 individual reports to hand in.

The group work was familiar, since the Danish educational system is orientated towards it, but it was very different from Denmark. I was part of 3 different groups, but my main group was in the marketing module. People do not value punctuality a whole lot in the UK, and I understood that when group members were 1 or 2 hours late for the meetings; I did advice those people never to come to Denmark, because they will be kicked out for sure!

There were many cultural differences, nothing to scary, but everyone was nice and willing to help you when you needed it.

The life experience

Even if Sheffield is not the most exciting city in the UK, there was always a new restaurant to try out and a new street to explore. I did not leave Denmark alone, but with 2 other guys in my year, a Dane and a Pole, studying marketing as well. We lived together in a house and even if it was not what we expected at the beginning, we had great times, good memories and jokes that will forever be with us.

The nightlife is pretty animated, all over England – even if you want to get together in a pub or a club, there is always a place to go to. Another great thing to do in England was to go around and to wonder in other cities, since the transportation is not as expensive as it is in Denmark.

It was overall a nice experience, which I would do again if I would get the chance!

The best advice I could give is to never miss any opportunities – It doesn’t have to be travel, or school related, but life related! Go after everything that you want!

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